St Andrew's Primary School Paddock Wood

The Tenax Schools Trust, led by Bennett Memorial School in Tunbridge Wells, and in partnership with St Andrew's Church, is proposing to open a new Church of England and Methodist Primary School in Paddock Wood from 2018.

A new joint Church of England, Methodist Primary School for Paddock Wood

Planned opening in September 2018


The new school will be fully inclusive and welcome all local families, regardless of background, who want a school with a focus on high quality teaching and high standards, underpinned by traditional Christian values.


It will have a strong focus on a caring, family-like ethos, where every child is valued, and where the school works closely with the family to ensure children are happy coming to school and enjoy their learning.


To complement their studies, there will be a strong emphasis on the development of character for example through sports, music, debating, outdoor activities, trips and visits.