Progress update on opening of St Andrew’s Church of England Primary Free School, Paddock Wood

The proposal submitted to the Department for Education to open this brand new school was approved in July 2016. We are now at the start of the process to prepare for the school’s opening and updates on this process will be posted on this website.

Because the school’s need is justified in part by the growing population of Paddock Wood, we are working closely with Tunbridge Wells Borough Council Planners, and with the developers and house builders, to gain a clearer idea of how much new housing will come on stream at which points in time. In particular, we are gaining a picture of when the site where the new school is most likely to be located will itself be developed.

This information will determine the start date of the building programme for the new school.

The proposal approved by the Department for Education was approved subject to determining the best date for opening in order to ensure it is aligned with population growth and growing need for places in the town.

Once we have finalised a decision on this, the information will be posted on this website.